MDSS Extends Child Care Subsidy Benefits Through December 31st

The Missouri Department of Social Services has announced that the full time child care subsidy benefits have been extended through December 31st of this year for eligible school-aged children who are not attending school in person. The child care funding is being covered by the CARES Act for the benefit. The regular Child Care Subsidy program covers before and after school care or full day care when school is in session. Families that need to utilize full time child care for their child should contact the Family Support Division.

CARES Act funding is also providing financing through December for low-income unemployed Missouri families due to COVID-19 to get a temporary Child Care Subsidy benefit (up to 90 days) while they look for work. Through October 31st, income qualifying parents that are working, attending school, or training for work the Transitional Child Care Subsidy, even if they previously did not qualify for Child Care Subsidy.

Missouri families qualifying or receiving a Transitional Child Care Subsidy benefit receive an 80 percent subsidy benefit if their income is between 138 to 176 percent of the FPL or a 60 percent subsidy benefit if their income is from 177 to 215 percent of the FPL.