Medicaid Coverage Projected to End For Up to 160,000 Iowans

(Radio Iowa) Starting tomorrow (Saturday), state officials may begin terminating Medicaid healthcare coverage for thousands of Iowans who were enrolled in the program during the pandemic. Since the start of the federal public health emergency in March 2020, anyone who initially qualified stayed enrolled in Medicaid, even if their income later rose above eligibility limits. Elizabeth Matney, the State of Iowa’s Medicaid director, says over the next year, income reviews will lead to what she calls “disenrollment” in Medicaid.

“We’re thinking about 17.6% of the current population will be disenrolled,” Matney says, “so like right around 150,000-160,000 individuals.” Matney says the state has been sending notices to Medicaid members of the rule change that takes effect April 1st to avoid errors.

“We want to avoid that at all costs possible and so that’s why we’re doing all of these additional efforts to make sure that we’re getting in touch with individuals to make sure that they keep coverage if they are eligible,” Matney says. States have 14 months to review Medicaid eligibility and renew enrollment in the program but can begin terminating coverage April 1st. More than 880-thousand Iowans are currently enrolled in Medicaid.