Mercer School Board members were presented the protocols that will be followed for basketball games and other events held indoor on the Mercer School District campus during a meeting held on Monday evening.

The protocol will require visitor seating on the far side of the gymnasium and home seating on the near side. Children will sit with parents when possible. The events will be streamed on the school’s Facebook Live link. Away games that are streamed will have that information placed on the school’s website. A plexiglass shield will be used to protect gatekeepers so that masks will not be required. Concession stand food availability will not be altered, but food will be served from inside the kitchen and table boundary will be eliminated. Customers will be walking up to the counter to order. Tables in the school’s commons area will be spread at a greater distance. Masks will be available and encouraged, but not required.

The Mercer Board set the graduation date for Sunday, May 9th at 2pm. Dave Fuller was hired to continue as head boys and girls track coach. Joanne Fisher will coach the dance team. Cassie Moore will coach the academic team.

Activities were discussed with the emphasis on November “adult” activities. The CTA Craft Show was approved with an emphasis on wiping down the entry areas many times during the day. It was determined that no Veterans Day “in person” program will be held. The District will work on a presentation to be viewed on district websites. The regular program meal will be delivered to the homes of area Veterans that have attended in the past. The District will work with the American Legion to help identify our Veterans.