Mercer County Election Results

Mercer County voters approved their county sales tax question on Tuesday. Voters approved the issue by a 71 to 27 percentage margin.

Mercer School District voters elected Heath West, Dana Stark, and Matt Davis to new board terms. There were 6 candidates on the ballot.

Makella Hagan had 73 votes, and Phillip Huffman received 68 votes for the one-year term on the board.

Princeton School District voters approved Karla Meinke, Marcie Davis, and Mitch Reger to new school board terms. The race included 5 candidates.

Peggy Constable won the North Ward Alderman position for the City of Princeton. Jimmie Rogers was unopposed for the South Ward.

Dwayne Place received 263 votes for Mercer County Fire Protection District position. Peggy Constable had 69 votes.

All of the township questions were approved which were on the ballot.

Full Mercer County Election Results