Mercer County Lifesavers

Two North Central Missouri College students are credited with life-saving actions during a recent event in Princeton.

NCMC students Alyvia “Livi” Binkley and Raven Moreno immediately started CPR and called 911 when a man was jogging on the treadmill at the Stacy Center and fell, passed out, and stopped breathing. The two helped to place the AED and continued CPR measures until an ambulance arrived.

Raven and Livi were also assisted by community members Derek Power and Kyle Berndt. By the time EMTs arrived, the group had Mr. Lowe breathing and a pulse again. After being life-flighted, Scott Lowe was awake and alert. He is now home and doing well.

Livi, Raven, Dereck, and Kyle were awarded “CPR Save” pins from the Princeton EMT and a plaque for their heroic service. Both Alyvia and Raven are 2023 NCMC Associate in Arts graduates.