Missouri A.G. Announces Restraining Order To Mask Mandate In St Louis, Targets Kansas City’s Mask Mandate

The Missouri Attorney General’s Office says a St Louis County Circuit Court has granted a temporary restraining order to halt the enforcement of a mask mandate in St. Louis County. The judge ruled that the St. Louis County Council had the authority to terminate the County’s health order.

The Attorney General also announced a lawsuit intended to stop the recent mask mandate in Kansas City. The suit was filed in Jackson County on Tuesday afternoon and calls the mandate unreasonable, unconstitutional, and arbitrary and capricious.

The 7-county suit should be in compliance with recent legislation limit the power of health authorities to impose health orders, challenges the imposition of a mask mandate on schoolchildren and vaccinated individuals, challenges the authority of the Kansas City mayor to impose such a mandate, and says a mask mandate is not an appropriate disease control measure.