Complaints about violations of Missouri’s No-Call and illegal telemarketing calls overwhelmingly topped the list of consumer complaints to the Missouri Attorney General’s Office in 2020. The Missouri Attorney General’s office received a total of 116, 684 complaints in 2020. Nearly 30 percent of those complaints were No-Call violation complaints for illegal telemarketing for the solicitation of goods and services by businesses or organizations.

Other complaints that made the list included 1,848 complaints about mail and phone solicitations for publications and subscriptions, 1,646 complaints regarding debt collection companies, 1,625 complaints about products not being delivered or delivered late, 1,490 automotive complaints, and 1,326 complaints for price gouging.

Other services that made the Top Ten Complaint List included cramming and billing practices for phone or internet services, home repair or construction, travel or timeshare promises, and the healthcare industry.

The Attorney General’s Office has a team who takes complaints and attempts mediation between consumers and businesses or individuals. When mediation efforts are unsuccessful and there are credible allegations of potential violations of the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act, the Attorney General’s Office has an investigative unit.

Consumers who wish to file a complaint can do so online at or by calling the Consumer Protection Hotline at 800-392-8222.