Missouri American Water Approved to take Over Trimble Sewers

The Missouri Public Service Commission has approved an application from Missouri-American Water Company (MAWC) to purchase substantially all of the sewer assets of the City of Trimble as well as substantially all of the sewer assets of Centennial Acres Association, Inc. which is located in or near Trimble.

Missouri American Water is also authorized to provide sewer service to the current MAWC service areas of Timber Springs and Clinton Estates that are adjacent to the City of Trimble and Centennial Acres. MAWC has also been granted Certificates of Convenience and Necessity (CCNs) to install, own, operate and maintain the sewer systems in those areas.

MAWC will charge single-family residential customers a flat rate of $38.75 a month for sewer service.

The City of Trimble currently provides sewer service to approximately 280 sewer accounts which are primarily residential customers. Centennial Acres Association, Inc. currently serves approximately 13 homes in a residential development area.