Missouri Governor Announces Vaccine Incentive Program

Missouri Governor Mike Parson is urging Missourians to obtain as much information as possible from trusted local individuals about obtaining a COVID-19 vaccine. The governor says 82 percent of Missourians age 65 and over are vaccinated. 47 percent of all Missouri have been vaccinated. The percentage is under 30 percent for those ages 12 to 24.


The governor announced a Vaccine Incentive Program for Missourians at a media conference Wednesday.


There will also be funding provided to local health departments for incentive programs.


At the media conference, Governor Parson announced Donald G. Kauerauf will be the next Director of the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services beginning September 1st. He has served as the Assistant Director for the Illinois Department of Health but has most recently been the Chair of the Terrorism Task Force in Illinois and was in that capacity during the COVID-19 crisis. He also served as Deputy to the Illinois Governor’s Homeland Security Advisor and Policy Advisor to the Illinois Emergency Management Agency Director.