Missouri House Passes Bill for Guns on Buses, Public Transit

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Missouri’s House on Monday passed a bill to allow guns on St. Louis buses, the Kansas City Streetcar, and other forms of public transit in the state.

The GOP-led chamber voted 124-32 to send the bill to the state Senate, which is also led by Republicans.

If enacted, the measure would allow people with concealed carry permits to bring firearms on public transportation. Firearms still wouldn’t be permitted on Amtrak.

People without those permits would also be allowed to bring unloaded guns as long as they don’t also carry ammunition with them.

During floor debate, Rep. Wiley Price said even with extensive training, police still shoot people unnecessarily. The St. Louis Democrat said it’s dangerous to allow the public to make those choices.

“We have people we’ve trained many more hours — not only in de-escalation but being able to recognize what the threat is and how that threat should be met — and they don’t always make the right call,” Price said. “So now we’re about to put that in the hands of the general public.”

Republican bill sponsor Rep. Adam Schnelting, of St. Charles, said that risk doesn’t take away “from the fact that you should have the right to defend yourself.”