Missouri Releases Updated Drought Mitigation And Response Plan

A new Missouri Drought Mitigation and Response plan has been completed after two years of development. The update from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ Water Resources Center replaces the previous 2002 drought plan and uses modern tools for enhanced monitoring and assessment of all types of droughts. It is intended to give government officials, water users, water suppliers, and leaders of industry guidance for adopting water conservation best practices to grow their drought resiliency.

The primary goals of the Missouri Drought Mitigation and Response Plan are serving as an information source for reducing drought impacts, increasing public awareness, enhancing resiliency, promoting water conservation, improving monitoring, facilitating response planning, as well as clarifying roles and responsibilities.

The plan’s collection of drought actions is designed to rapidly assess what areas of the state are most affected by drought as well as what industries are either most susceptible or at risk under different conditions. A comprehensive list of actions and initiatives further outlines what measures can be taken at all levels before and during drought.

The Missouri Drought Mitigation and Response Plan can be found at this link.