Governor Mike Parson returned to his element this Thursday morning, visiting with 4-H and FFA exhibitors on the first official day of the 118th Missouri State Fair. Parson tells Regional Radio that entries in this year’s contests are up 12 percent from a year ago.


Parson says exhibitors and their families are thrilled to be able to show this year, even in the midst of the pandemic. While masks are available for visitors who want them, there have been few in use. Parson says the fair has an advantage to keeping people safe, by virtue of it being outdoors where people can keep physically distant.


Governor Parson also visited the refurbished Sheep Pavilion and the new director’s pavilion during his visit to the fairgrounds in Sedalia. The 118th Missouri State Fair continues through August 23rd.

We have the exhibitor numbers released by the Governor’s office with this story on our website.

Livestock Entries                        2019        2020
4-H/FFA Horse                           273           229
4-H/FFA Beef                             1,079        1,134
4-H/FFA Dairy Cattle                  82             97
4-H/FFA Boer Goats                  306           352
4-H/FFA Dairy Goats                  88            119
4-H/FFA Poultry                         414            531
4-H/FFA Sheep                           946           1,014
4-H/FFA Swine                          1,625          1,891

TOTAL                                         4,813          5,367