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Missouri Supreme Court Hears SAPA Gun Law Case

(Missourinet) The Missouri Supreme Court is now considering Missouri’s controversial gun law called the Second Amendment Preservation Act, or SAPA.  The lawyer for St. Louis and two of the state’s most populous counties made the case Monday, against the Second Amendment Preservation Act, saying it’s causes confusion when it comes to state and federal law enforcement cooperation.

They say the law is so vague that officers won’t even know they’ve violated it until they’re hauled into court and hit with a judgment that many departments cannot afford.
If found in violation of SAPA, local law enforcement can be sued for 50-thousand dollars for each case.  Attorney Robert Dierker:

The state argues there’s no judicial history on which the high court has the authority to overturn the law or sections of it.  Lawyer John Sauer says the case needs to go through traditional court process.

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