Missouri to Spend $12.4 Million in Legal Fights over Medical Marijuana Program

Missouri expects to spend roughly 12.4 million dollars during the current and next state budget years to fight legal battles involving the state’s new medical marijuana program. That is money that could be going to help veterans, as spelled out in the ballot measure voters passed in 2018. During a House Budget Committee hearing, the director of the program, Lyndall Fraker, says most of the legal fees involve applicants who were denied licenses to grow, sell, and manufacture medical marijuana. He says there is a reason for limiting the number of licenses.

“An overabundant supply, in what we learned from other states, is it will help supply the black market,” says Fraker.

House Budget Committee Chairman Cody Smith of Carthage says the license limits have led to “staggering” legal fees and unmet demand is encouraging a black market.