Missouri Vaccine Navigator Launched

The Missouri Governor’s Office has announced the launch of the Missouri Vaccine Navigator. The Missouri Vaccine Navigator is a tool intended to assist Missourians in receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.

The tool will allow individuals to register for a vaccine. Those individuals will also complete a questionnaire to determine their eligibility based on Missouri’s priority phases.

Registrants will be notified upon activation of each phase and alerted when they become eligible. Individuals will then be able to seek vaccination from their health care provider if they have vaccines available or identify vaccination events and other providers in their area.

The Missouri Vaccine Navigator will also remind registrants when it is time to schedule their second dose. Both vaccines currently authorized for use require two doses to ensure individual and community protection.

The Missouri Vaccine Navigator will also integrate with the state’s immunization database for providers that is known as ShowMeVax. Vaccination events using the Missouri Vaccine Navigator for scheduling will enable coordinators to quickly load vaccination administration data into the system and avoid cumbersome data entry.

Individuals can visit MOStopsCovid.com/navigator to get answers questions regarding their personal health information so that the applicable priority group can be determined.

Later, the registrant will be notified when he or she becomes eligible and can then view and sign up for events in their area at that time. It will be important for individuals to receive their second dose from the same provider they received the first dose.

Those with online accessibility issues are encouraged to call the COVID-19 hotline at 877-435-8411 for registration assistance. Language translation and other services are available to callers.