Missouri Will Be Part Of Google Settlement

The Missouri Attorney General’s Office says Missouri will receive some of the $700 million dollar agreement with Google over anticompetitive conduct regarding the Google Play Store.

According to the settlement, Google must pay $630 million dollars in restitution to consumers who made purchases on the Google Play Store between August of 2016 and September of 2023 and were harmed by anticompetitive practices employed by Google. Google will also pay $70 million dollars in penalties.

A coalition of attorneys general sued Google in 2021 for unlawfully monopolizing the market of Android app distribution and in-app payment processing. Google reportedly signed anticompetitive contracts to prevent other app stores from being preloaded on Android devices, paid key app developers not to launch products on rival app stores, and created technological barriers to deter consumers from directly downloading apps to their devices.

The agreement also requires Google to adopt better business practices, reducing its unfair marketplace power over other companies and consumers.