Missouri’s Governor Says State Will Proceed with Medicaid Expansion

Missouri’s governor says the state will proceed with voter-approved Medicaid expansion, following a unanimous ruling from the Missouri Supreme Court and Tuesday’s ruling from Cole County Circuit Judge Jon Beetem. The judge has ordered the state to enroll residents covered under the expansion. Governor Mike Parson tells Missourinet that the state will follow the order:

Governor Parson says, “We’ll have the general counsel look at that, the (Missouri) attorney general, but look: we’re going to move forward in this state. We’re going to follow the law, and the judge made an order, we’re going to respect that order. It’s been to the (Missouri) Supreme Court. It’s been through the legislative process and we got to figure out a way to move forward in this state”

Judge Beetem’s ruling prohibits the state from treating the expansion population differently. Senate President Pro Tem Dave Schatz (pronounced like shots) says there may need to be a special session this fall, to discuss funding for expansion.