MO Hospitals Scramble to Use New COVID-19 Reporting System

The Trump administration abruptly instructed the nation’s hospitals to shift last week to a new system of reporting COVID-19 data. Missouri Hospital Association spokesman Dave Dillon says the change resulted in the state and his office losing access to data that helps leaders respond to the coronavirus.

He says they both now have most of the access they need but the new challenge is ensuring all Missouri hospitals are using the latest system.

Dillon says until they’re all online, the state cannot get an accurate view of hospital supplies available to respond to the virus. Plus, he says the federal government is requiring hospitals to use the system or else….

Remdesivir is an experimental drug said to help reduce the recovery time of seriously ill coronavirus patients. Until all hospitals are reporting to the new system, Dillon says responding to the virus with the right decisions and in a proactive way cannot be done.