MO Senator Schatz Takes Another Shot at Cracking Down on Unregulated Gambling Machines

Missouri Senate President Dave Schatz (shots) is taking another shot at trying to ban unregulated video gambling machines. Many of these devices exist throughout Missouri in bars, restaurants, fraternal organizations, and gas stations, especially along the Interstate-44 corridor in Schatz’s district. During a Senate committee hearing Thursday on his bill, Schatz says businesses with these machines have an unfair advantage and get to pocket all the money.

“Pennsylvania, Iowa, they have deemed these games illegal. I think Florida as well,” says Schatz. “I can get the information on the states that have already gotten these machines out. They have migrated to Missouri because they have found a home. They were run out of other places and here they are in Missouri.”

Schatz has filed similar legislation for the past couple of years. Ron Leone (lee-own), executive director of the Missouri petroleum marketers and convenience store association, says taxing and regulating the devices would be good for these businesses and state and local funding.