Mo Western Board of Governors Approve Restructuring Recommendations

Missouri Western’s Board of Governors unanimously approved the recommendations presented by University President Matt Wilson during a meeting held today (Wednesday). President Wilson called this point a crossroads for Missouri Western State University.

The recommendations are intended to get the university in a better financial situation. They included restructuring the University’s Senior Leadership Team to save $600,000 in salaries and benefits, cutting $500,000 in athletics, and offering new or redesigned programs that could be provided with the current staff.



The recommendations included phasing out programs over a three-year period. Those majors would include art, studio art, speech and theatre, speech communication, history, philosophy, applied computer technology, English, Spanish, French, technical communications, political science, sociology, economics, interdisciplinary studies, biotechnology, theatre and cinema, and international studies. The recommendations also included 12 redesigned programs, and 5 programs that will be rolled out. Wilson also suggests the board approve programs in the future and look at those programs with an economic eye.


Those programs in development include Applied Arts in Performing and Cinematic Arts, Science in Law, Math/Applied Mathematics with an emphasis in data analysis, Recreation Sports Management/esports management with a minor in the same, and Environmental and Earth Science. President Wilson says if those programs do not meet or are building toward a sustainable standard, those programs should also be eliminated.