Motorists Urged to be Watchful for Motorcycles

(Radio Iowa) Warmer spring weather may finally be here to stay and Iowa motorists are being urged to keep a sharper eye out for motorcycles. Colleen Powell, spokeswoman for the Iowa Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau, says May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

“We just want to remind drivers to be looking for those on motorcycles, looking over the shoulder,” Powell says. “Sometimes they’re a little hidden in our side mirrors, so giving a good look and also giving plenty of room when we’re following our friends on motorcycles. They’re much more vulnerable than other people in cars.” Powell says 49 motorcyclists were killed on Iowa’s roads last year.

“That was a bit of a dip from ’21 and ’20, but it is part of a five-year growing trend and we hate to see things going in that direction,” she says. “Iowa is one of just three states that do not have any sort of a motorcycle helmet law, and about 75% of the fatalities on motorcycles are unhelmeted.” The other states that don’t have helmet laws are Illinois and New Hampshire.
(Pat Powers, KQWC, Webster City)