Mount Ayr City Council Begins Process To Create City Administrator Position

Mount Ayr’s Board of Aldermen held the first readings that are associated with the creation of the position of City Administrator of Mount Ayr during their meeting held on Monday night. The readings essentially create the position as a form of government. One of the readings also gives the City Administrator the oversight authority of the pool and park staff. That responsibility had previously been held by the Parks and Recreation Board. There will still need to be two more readings before the City Administrator position and the responsibilities of the position are approved.

Mount Ayr’s Council received notice that the Southern Iowa Regional Water Association plan to increase the city water rates in two phases.

The council also discussed the city’s recycling program after the announcement that Midwest Waste Solutions will not lower an announced rate increase. No action was taken based on the discussion.

Kate Zimmerman attended the council meeting updating projects at Liberty Lake. A matching grant has been received that would obtain has much as $100,000 of grant funding that will be used for a shower house and campground sites.

The council received information about plans for a new USDA building on South Cleveland Street. The building is expected to be completed by August 1st, 2021.

Council members approved the purchase of a sander/salter for the dump truck.

Amanda Cannon was also approved as the new city clerk at Mount Ayr beginning January 1st.