Mount Ayr Council Tables Decision On Bids For Initial Work For New Pool Project

Mount Ayr’s Board of Aldermen had a lengthy discussion, but in the end tabled any action on proposals for engineering, topographical, and geotechnical studies needed for the site of the new pool planned in Mount Ayr. The discussion was held during Mount Ayr’s meeting Monday night. City officials approved a resolution in their meeting earlier to month to bond no more than $1.5 million for a new outdoor pool at the current site of the current pool in Judge Lewis Park. At the meeting, council members reviewed bids offered by JEO Consulting and Water’s Edge for engineering costs. JEO Consulting’s bid was $330,000 and includes an hours in service cost of another $145,000. Water’s Edge submitted a bid of $280,000. Council members are hesitant about making a decision before they meet representatives from both companies at a board meeting. They plan to invite both to a future council meeting.

The council also initially approved a bid for a mandatory topographical site survey. When reviewing a bid for the the mandatory geotechnical site survey, an alderman noticed that Water’s Edge had also offered that service, but the council wasn’t sure if that service was included in their bid previously reviewed. In the end, the council rescinded their approval of the topographical site survey bid until their meeting with Water’s Edge at a future time. Mount Ayr is bonding a maximum $1.5 million dollars because their city’s debt capacity is nearly at it’s limit with Mount Ayr’s current Downtown Renovation Project.

Mount Ayr’s council approved liquor licenses for both the Ringgold County Bowling Association and the Trails End Saloon, LLC.

The city agreed to address an alley safety concern brought up during the public input session. They also plan to research a policy to deal with the city’s responsibility for alley maintenance.

A budget meeting was also approved for October 16th for a budget amendment.