MU Wants To Build New Nuclear Reactor For Medical Research

(MISSOURINET) – The University of Missouri has been the only university in the U-S to create certain cancer-fighting radioactive elements called medical isotopes.
They are created by a small nuclear reactor in Columbia. Now – the university wants to create a bigger reactor, that can do more.
Director of the reactor program Matt Sanford:

More than 1.6 million patients a year are diagnosed or treated using the radioisotopes that MURR produces.
MURR Interim Director Matt Sanford says the NEXTGEN reactor will continue the work of the reactor that began in 1966

This month, the University of Missouri is requesting proposals from companies for the design and partnerships for the project. The request includes meeting regulatory requirements for potential construction at Discovery Ridge in Columbia.
Including the regulatory process, it will take about 10 years to complete the new reactor.