NASS Announces September Survey Of Small Grains Producers

The National Agricultural Statistics Service says questionnaires will be sent out to growers of small grains around the country in the first two weeks of September.

There will be more than 2,500 producers in Missouri contacted so that accurate information can be obtained for acreage, yield, and production for small grain crops in Missouri. NASS will contact Missouri farmers and ranchers to gather information on their 2020 production of small grains and the quantities of all grains stored on the farm. Producers are encouraged to respond conveniently online at The online questionnaire is fast and secure. They may also return their completed surveys by mail. Farmers who have not responded by August 29th may receive a phone call from a NASS representative who will help them fill out the survey or schedule a time to do so.

NASS will publish the results in the annual Small Grains Summary and quarterly Grain Stocks report on September 30th.