No Fall Bulk Cleanup In Gallatin This Fall Due To COVID-19

Gallatin’s Board of Aldermen received concerns regarding the city’s consideration of setting a cost of service fee for electric, water, and sewer service for apartments and commercial buildings that are currently single metered properties but have multiple apartments and/or businesses utilizing the services. Gallatin’s Board of Aldermen held their first October meeting on Monday night.

City Administrator Lance Rains announced that requests for qualifications have been sent to several firms to evaluate the city’s electric system replacement from the current 2400 system.

The administrator also reported that Rapid Removal will not have a fall bulk cleanup this year due to COVID1-9. The board is also not interested in manning a dumpster for bulk item collection at this time.

An employee health insurance program was submitted to the council for their consideration.

The Public Works Director reported on the straightening work for the Industrial Park Road, made a recommendation to the board for a new roof for the water storage building in the new budget, and requested the board consider buying a used fire truck from the Gallatin Fire District to be used for flushing tubes or dust control on streets. The board had no objection to the purchase.

The board will also discuss resurfacing West Grand in the 2021 budget.