Nodaway County Resident Facing Multiple Animal Abuse Charges

A Nodaway County resident is facing multiple animal abuse charges which stemmed from a recent investigation which began with a smoke call.

Janelle Lea Yapi of Burlington Junction faces 13 misdemeanor charges of animal abuse which have been filed by the Nodaway County Prosecutor. In the probable cause statement for support of the charges, the Nodaway County Sheriff’s Office responded to a trailer residence with a strong odor of decomposing flesh and feces emitting from a house on July 12th. 5 dead dogs were then found in the house by a fireman. There were other dogs found behind in a round pen outside the residence with food and water but in grass that was taller than their heights.

Ms. Yapi stated that she would have the animals removed from the residence by the next day, but a deputy responded to the residence two days later and found numerous dogs barking and then found 5 to 6 dogs in a pen behind the residence without food or water.

The deputy also found a deceased chicken on the premise in a wire cage and on top of mounds of trash. Decaying rabbit flesh was also found at the site.

A search warrant was served Sunday. The search found 6 dogs in various stages of decomposition and other dogs malnourished and/or injured.

Ms. Yapi had stated that she had taken care of the dogs outside of the residence had not seen the animals located inside the residence because she didn’t want to be around the individual occupying the residence. She stated she had previously been in a relationship with the occupant and did not want to be around the individual.

A court appearance is scheduled for Janelle Lea Yapi on August 15th.

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