Nodaway County School Measure Approved In Tuesday’s Election

Nodaway County voters decisively approved their 3/8th cent sales tax question for a centralized dispatching system during Tuesday’s election. The measure was approved by a 3 to 1 margin.

Maryville voters approved their JUMP measure by a two-thirds margin. That approval allows the district to borrow $23 million dollars for campus facility and infrastructure improvements.

West Nodaway School District voters approved the Proposition K.I.D.S. measure by a two-thirds majority.

North Nodaway voted in Vicki Riley and Jerime Bix to board terms.

Nodaway-Holt voted in Joni Everhart and Hailey Randall to board terms.

Maryville approved Dannen Merrill and John McBride to board terms.

Ravenwood approved their city question.

Hopkins approved a sales tax for adult use marijuana items.

The City of Guilford approved both their levy question and the No Election Election measure.

Elmo approved their city levy questions, street levy questions, and Christopher Thompson as mayor.

Burlington Junction approved Brian Hunt and Martin McGary to alderman positions.

All Nodaway County election results here.