North Harrison Board Approves Levy Question For April Ballot

North Harrison School Board members approved a resolution that will be on the April 2nd ballot to authorize an increase in the district’s operating tax levy. The action was taken at a meeting Tuesday evening. The increase in the levy will be $1.00 per hundred dollars of assessed valuation. Superintendent Dr. Ethan Sickels says with voter approval, the measure would raise North Harrison’s levy from $4.50 to $5.50 per hundred dollars of assessed valuation. The increase is projected to bring in another $214,000 of local revenue.

The funding would be targeted towards an effort to bring base teacher salaries to $38,000. Currently, school districts participate in a Teacher Grant program through the state which allows state funding to supplement the difference between the school district’s salary schedule pay and the $38,000 target, but that state funding is determined on a year-to-year basis. The North Harrison district has also targeted the funding for technology, safety, and security expenses.

A Facilities Plan forecasting needs in a five-year window has been prepared by a committee of staff and two board members. That plan was presented and approved by the board of education.