Northwest MO Rep Opposes Private Schooling Tax Credit Bill

The Missouri House of Representatives narrowly passed a bill last week that would let donors provide scholarships to students to attend a private K-12 school. In return, they would get state tax credits. Representative Peggy McGaugh of Carrollton says she opposed the bill. She references a piece that could boost state funding for school bus transportation costs.

“Part of the language says appropriated. And so that’s no guarantee,” says McGaugh. “Because appropriated means if it gets put in the budget and if gets through both sides and if the governor signs it and if the money is in the fund. So, there’s just too many unknowns out there for me to be comfortable with the bill at this time.”

Bill sponsor Phil Christofanelli of St. Peters says it is time to give several thousand children a chance at something new because he says what has been done is not working. The proposal moves to the Senate.