Northwest Regents Approve $105 Energy Infrastructure Upgrade Plan

Northwest Missouri State University’s Board of Regents approved $105 million for an upgrade of the campus’s energy infrastructure.

Northwest will partner with the engineering firm IMEG Corp. to develop design documents for the upgraded central plant and energy distribution systems and expects the project will take approximately two to three years to complete.

The plan will include the replacement of chillers and cooling towers at the University’s central cooling plant and the installation of high-efficiency water boilers in buildings to drive utility efficiencies and flexibility.

Northwest will need state funding to finance the venture. That financing plan includes state-appropriated funds of $5 million, state matching funds, and appropriations of $25 million in for the 2024 and 2025 fiscal years. Northwest has set aside $30 million for the project. They also plan to borrow another $20 million.

The plan is intended to address campus disruptions which occurring more frequently due to steam pipe leaks, breakdowns and component failures.

Northwest’s Board of Regents also approved hiring University Police Officer Michael Logan and received a presentation about mental health on the Northwest campus.

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