NWMSU Student Headcount Now Exceeds 10,000

Northwest Missouri State University has announced an updated headcount which shows the institution has a new record of 10,083 students enrolled.

Northwest annually conducts its enrollment census 20 days after the start of the fall semester, and the University announced this year’s fall census, recorded on Sept. 18, of 9,664 students. That census is taken for compliance, but enrollment numbers fluctuate throughout the academic year due to graduate, certificate and dual credit students programs which don’t follow a traditional academic calendar. As a result, Northwest continues to experience unprecedented growth in its dual credit, graduate and online sectors.

As of Thursday, Northwest increased both its undergraduate and graduate headcounts to 5,615 and 4,468, respectively.

The University’s updated in-state student population is 6,851 as Northwest students hail from a total of 46 states this fall and the institution continues to draw well from Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska.