Proclamation of Thanks Presented To Family Of Longtime Gallatin Councilman

Gallatin’s Public Works Director announced to Gallatin’s Board of Aldermen Monday that abuse of the protocol for the Gallatin City dump site continues and the restricted hours for the site will continue on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Appointments will need to be scheduled through Gallatin City Hall. The information came from a meeting held Monday night.

Gallatin’s council also approved individual Gallatin Park Board appointments as presented by Board President Carol Walker. Nina Chadwick and Miranda Ball are the new Gallatin Park Board members.

Smoke testing has been completed for Park, Corrine, Mill, Daviess, and the Industrial Park. The results are being reviewed. Residents that have issues will be notified and/or more testing will be done to identify sewer issues from the testing.

The council approved an ordinance that creates a Solid Waste Contract with Rapid Removal. Julia Filley was appointed as the Gallatin City Prosecutor.

Board President Carol Walker also presented the family of the late Larry “Curley” Johnson a Proclamation that conveyed thanks and appreciation for his years as a Gallatin City Councilman and an advocate of the City of Gallatin.