Region Improves In New Drought Monitor Map

Precipitation in the form of mostly rain, but some snow, did improve the map for the US Drought Monitor which was released Thursday.

Many areas in northern Missouri improved by about one level on the new map. Harrison, Daviess, DeKalb, most of Worth, and northern Nodaway Counties were upgraded from Moderate Drought to pre-drought conditions on the new map. Gentry and the southern two-thirds of Nodaway Counties were also upgraded from Severe Drought to Moderate Drought. Mercer, Grundy, and Livingston Counties were all in pre-drought conditions.

Overall, Missouri, improves their drought status. Severe Drought territory improved from 41 percent to 29 percent. Moderate Drought territory stayed steady at 41 percent, but the reason for the steady number was territory previously in Severe Drought was upgraded to Moderate Drought. 21 percent of Missouri territory is in pre-drought conditions. 6 percent of Missouri territory is out of any dryness category.

MO Drought Monitor Map

Iowa’s map remained very similar to last week. 35 percent of the state is now in Extreme Drought, or the D3, category. Most of that is in eastern Iowa and parts of 9 counties in south central Iowa are in Extreme Drought. Most of Ringgold, Decatur, and Taylor Counties show Moderate Drought. Wayne County shows Moderate, Severe, and Extreme Drought territory.

Iowa Drought Monitor Map