Regulators Assess Major Fines Against Two Companies Operating Pipelines in Iowa

(Radio Iowa) The Iowa Utilities Board has issued $2 million in fines against two pipeline companies for operating in Iowa for years, without state permits.

State officials recently checked the National Pipeline Mapping System and discovered Houston-based Enterprise Products Operating LLC didn’t have current permits for two underground storage facilities in Iowa and seven pipelines that cover about 750 miles in Iowa. All interstate pipelines are required by a 1995 Iowa law to get operating and maintenance permits from the state. The Iowa Utilities Board is assessing a $1.8 million fine against the company. Sinclair Transportation Company didn’t have a permit for a nearly 12-mile pipeline in Lee County, near Fort Madison, and is facing a $200,000 fine.

Last year the Iowa Utilities Board began reviewing hazardous liquid pipelines in the state, checking operators had expiring permits, and the board discovered these two companies had facilities in Iowa, but didn’t have permits. Both companies have recently filed new petitions seeking permits for hazardous liquid pipelines and underground storage facilities.