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Rep. Richey Pre-Files Parents Bill Of Rights Legislation

Missouri State Representative Doug Richey of Excelsior Springs has pre-filed legislation he says will safeguard and ensure the rights of parents to make the right choices in regards to their children’s education.

Richey Thursday pre-filed HB 1995 which seeks to prohibit any governmental entity, school district, or public institution from infringing upon the rights of parents or guardians in the direction of the upbringing, education, healthcare, or mental health of a minor without first proving that such action is reasonable, narrowly tailored to achieve a compelling state interest, and that such interest can only achieved through such means.

The Parents’ Bill of Rights for Student Well-Being seeks to establish a set of rights for parents as well as outline the rules regarding what information a school district must share with them by placing a series of checks and balances while increasing access to parents seeking for a more engaged process.

The legislation hopes to increase transparency into the curriculum being taught by schools by implementing the “Missouri Education Transparency and Accountability Portal, which will provide access to all schools’ curricula on a single internet-based website to be established and maintained by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

The bill also works to safeguard a parent’s right to make decisions regarding the education and health of a student by granting opportunities to parents’ to allow students to opt out of certain lessons and instruction.

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