Reynolds Says 2020 Election Validated her Approach to Pandemic

Governor Kim Reynolds says Iowa’s 2020 election results have validated the approach she and other Republicans have taken at the state-level on tax cuts and spending issues over the past two years.

“In addition, it was a validation of our balanced response to Covid-19,” Reynolds says, “one that is mindful of both public health and economic health.” Back in March, at the beginning of the pandemic, Reynolds ordered schools and many businesses to close for several weeks, but she says closures are not a permanent solution and a majority of Iowa voters agree.

“Iowans said in this election they want to get through it. They want to figure out a way to move on,” Reynolds says. “They, you know, agree with how we’ve handled Covid-19. I just believe that’s what the election said.” She is now urging Iowans to help keep businesses open and kids in school by wearing face masks and weighing whether indoor group gatherings are worth the risk.

“Government solutions alone can’t stop this virus,” Reynolds says. “It’s up to every single one of us.” Next year Reynolds will be governing with an even larger Republican majority in the Iowa House and the G-O-P kept its significant edge in the Iowa Senate. Reynolds says she’s beginning to put together her proposals for the 2021 legislature. She told reporters on Thursday that she’s continuing to look through the numbers to see what tax cuts may be possible. The governor’s “Invest in Iowa” proposal to cut income taxes and raise the sales tax was tabled when the pandemic hit.