Ridgeway Sex Offender Arrested for Violating Probation


A sex offender residing in Ridgeway has been arrested on a Cooper County warrant for violating the terms of his probation.

Thirty-year-old Tyler Pickren was placed on probation in March in Cooper County for felony possession of a controlled substance. A motion to revoke his probation was filed last week alleging Pickren violated the terms of probation by changing his residence from Independence, Missouri to Ridgeway without advising his probation officer. Pickren did register as a sex offender in Harrison County.

Pickren was released from probation supervision in Harrison County in June, 2022. In that 2017 case, he was convicted of Statutory Rape and was sentenced to five years in prison, however, the sentence was suspended and he was ordered to serve five years on probation. Pickren also entered a guilty plea to failing to register as a sex offender in July of this year in Johnson County, Missouri. He was also placed on probation on that charge.