Roeslein Alternative Energy Announces Pilot Program To Compensate Farmers, Landowners For Environmental Initiatives

Roeslein Alternative Energy says a pilot program will be offered in Missouri and Iowa to farmers, livestock producers, and landowners who will be compensated for GHG reduction and carbon sequestration in the oil through an outcomes-based carbon credit program.

The pilot project is called “Horizon II” and has developed as part of an $80 million grant from the federal government’s first pool of funds from the USDA Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities program. That partnership is headed by Roeslein Alternative Energy, but also includes 12 other public and private entities. The funding will cover 5 years.

Incentives will also be provided for producing winter-hardy cover crops and grassland restoration which will support renewable natural gas production through the anaerobic digestion of biomass combined with manure.

Roeslein says the renewable energy can be fed into the national grid and become part of the sustainable new value chain.

Roeslein says the collaboration the with potential stakeholders and the opportunities for those stakeholders will be done equitably.