Sen. Roy Blunt Chairs Presidential Inauguration, Discusses Safety, Importance to World

Senator Roy Blunt says plans for Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration will not be derailed or changed after last week’s deadly breach of Capitol security.
As chairman of the Senate Rules Committee, Blunt oversees inauguration plans.

Blunt said “It’s the right decision” to swear in Biden at the traditional spot:

The attendance will be scaled back because of COVID-19 precautions.

Inaugural Chair, Senator Roy Blunt says with the presidential inauguration being held in its traditional place and outside, the U-S can show the world we have control of our Democracy after last week’s violent attack on Congress by a mob of Trump supporters. He says the attack harmed the U-S position around the world.

Senator Roy Blunt could not attend todays governor’s inauguration because he has his hands full preparing the U-S Capitol for the upcoming presidential inauguration. After the past week’s violent attack on the House and Senate, Blunt says security will be ready.

President Trump will not attend, but Vice-President Pence will be there. Blunt says he does not disagree with the president’s decision.