Senate and House will Return Midweek for Special Session

The Missouri House and Senate will wait to return to Jefferson City Wednesday and Thursday of next week—to continue special session. The governor has asked them to pass tax cut bills for state income tax, and agricultural production.

The House Budget committee will consider a Senate income tax cut bill Wednesday.

The bill’s sponsor, Lincoln Hough of Greene County, is next in line to be Senate Budget Chair. He says the state’s revenue – can handle this $1 billion expense.

The $1 billion Senate plan exceeds the cost of what the governor called for –

Senate President Pro Tem Dave Schatz (like “shots”) of Sullivan addressed that after the Senate vote.

Schatz and Hough agree that this opportunity does not come along often:

The Senate returns Thursday to work with the House– in joint committee— to finalize a bill they have both agreed on that extends and expands agricultural tax breaks.