Severe Weather Preparedness Week Continues with Hail and Wind Safety

Hail and Wind safety is today’s focus for Severe Weather Preparedness Week.

Severe storms can produce hailstones that are one inch in diameter or larger with wind gusts over 58 mph according to the National Weather Service.

Hail of that size can damage plants, roofs, and vehicles with winds at this speed able to knock down trees and tear down branches.

More severe storms can have winds over 100 mph with baseball-sized hail. Many other dangerous elements can be a part of a severe storm including lightning, tornados, and flooding.

Move to a secure indoor location if possible and bring your pets with you. Keep informed with local media and NOAA radios. If you are outdoors, it is safer to be inside of a vehicle than to have no protection at all. Drive to the nearest secure shelter if possible.

Stay away from windows, trees, and out of sheds as they are not safe.