South Harrison Board Of Talented And Gifted Program Testing Process At March Session

South Harrison Superintendent Dennis Eastin reported to South Harrison School Board members on the process that will be in place for the school to test for the necessity for the implementation of a Talented and Gifted Program during a meeting Monday night. By statute, schools must test their student population to determine if there are enough students to meet the threshold standard to require a Talented and Gifted Program. The testing must be done of the entire student population initially. That will be followed by individualized tested. The next step will be identifying those students who are eligible. Parental consent will also be required. If a Talented and Gifted Program is required, the district would have to find a fully accredited teacher for such a program or a teacher who would work towards obtaining that certification.

Superintendent Eastin also told board members that members of the school’s insurance consortium have received notification that health insurance will increase by 3.6 percent for the coming year. The board later approved the recommendation to offer specific base plans, buy-up plans, or HSAs. The 3.6 percent increase is less than half of the national average for insurance increases for schools.

South Harrison patrons will soon receive summer school information which will include applications and the dates of summer school.

South Harrison board members also received an update on their lead testing.

The board will hold a special meeting Thursday to review the applications for the Special Services Director position.