South Harrison Board Receives Report On School Safety Grant Funding Use

South Harrison Superintendent Dennis Eastin told South Harrison School Board members that the district has been approved for a school safety grant sum of $37,000 through the State of Missouri. He detailed how that money will be spent by the district. $13,000 will be spent on Stop the Bleed Kits which will be placed in the school district’s classrooms. Training will also be provided for use of those kits. $8,000 will be used for the installation of visitor management systems in the elementary, middle school, and high school. That installation will allow for on-site background checks for visitors within the district during the day and will provide reports of who has attended the buildings each day. It will also provide efficiency for student checkouts. Money will also be spent for safety film that can be used as an extra protection for glass doors at the 3 main buildings.

Superintendent Eastin also provided updates for projects at the school’s campus. The covering for the Memorial Stadium press box has been ordered and will be installed when delivered. The video screen is operational at the school gymnasium. The old scoreboards have been moved. New Grand River Conference banners will also be hung.

The list of the surplus items for the school district’s sale will be held later this month. Fordyce Auction Service was approved as the auctioneer.

Grants are being written for playground equipment at South Harrison Elementary School. Grants for gas buses will also be sought.

The Building Trades Contract for the year’s construction project was also approved at the meeting.