South Harrison Discusses Upcoming PT Conferences At Board Meeting

South Harrison School Board members received the information about how the district will be offering Parent-Teacher Conferences during their meeting held Monday night. South Harrison Superintendent Dennis Eastin says it was left up to teachers about how the conferences will be handled, but the school will allow parents to request a face-to-face meeting with teachers if they wish. The other options would be handling the conference by Zoom or another method. Superintendent Eastin reported that 90 percent of elementary student parents will usually confer with teachers. The percentage is about 60 percent for the middle school and in the 40th percentile in the high school.

Superintendent Eastin also discussed the topic that was part of a meeting last week by the Grand River Conference principals and athletic administrators regarding attendance allowances at winter sports events. One of the topics at last week’s meeting was establishing uniform policies for all schools to follow. Superintendent Eastin received the board’s support for his stance that he would back recommendations for schools to provide, but he was not in favor of creating uniform rulings. That GRC Conference Executive meeting will be held on Wednesday.

The superintendent updated the board on distance learning. The district has gained 4 face-to-face students back in recent days. There remains between 40 and 50 students that are continuing to take the distance learning option.

An update was provided on the school district’s Health Risk Assessment. Superintendent Eastin also reported that the school district has received a Missouri Student Connectivity Grant worth $28,000 which will be used to purchase 119 chromebooks for the elementary schools.

He also says he continues to stay in communication with the county regarding potential CARES Act funding allocations.