South Harrison School Board Approves Summer School Program

South Harrison School Board members approved the summer school dates for this year during a meeting held on Monday night. South Harrison’s summer school program will run Monday through Thursday from June 1st through June 25th from 8am until 1pm. 8am until lunch will be core learning for those attending South Harrison Elementary. There will be special enrichment between lunch and 1pm during the sessions. Those enrichment sessions may include segments on sewing, cooking, art, crime scene investigation, and other segments. The high school summer school will be held for credit recovery. Superintendent Dennis Eastin says CARES funding is available for the district to help finance summer school. He will determine if that is the most financially feasible option for the district.

Superintendent Eastin also asked South Harrison School Board members to return their facility goals in the near future. South Harrison board members were asked to prioritize capital improvements for the district that came from a work session held last week.

South Harrison will realize a 3.2 percent increase in their health insurance costs through the Missouri Educators Trust. The district’s loss ratio was one of the lowest of any district that belongs to MET at 75.2 percent. Overall, MET had a 100% loss ratio. MET voted to use $1 million dollars of reserve money for coverage. Otherwise, the increase would have been 4.1 percent.

South Harrison approved Huffman Outdoor Services for a 3-year contract to mow the school campus. The board also approved the Career Center Tuition to be set at $2,700.

C.F. Rainey was endorsed by the board as the MSBA Regional Executive Chair. He also announced that South Harrison student Brooklyn Ellis won the regional Belcher Scholarship and is now eligible for the state award.

South Harrison’s Board also agreed to a resolution to adopt the Harrison County Hazard Mitigation Plan. That action would potentially allow the school to be eligible for FEMA money that may be eligible to the county in case of disaster.