St. Joe Man Among Three Sentenced Friday In Federal Court In Meth Conspiracy


Two Mexican nationals and a St. Joseph man were sentenced in federal court Friday for their roles in a $1.2-million conspiracy to distribute more than 100 kilograms of methamphetamine in the Kansas City metro and northwest Missouri.

St. Joseph resident 32-year-old John Paul Gnat along with co-conspirators 41-year-old Juan Guzman, also known as Daniel Solorio and “Flaco,” of Kansas City, Missouri and 26-year-old Maria De La Cruz Nava of Kansas City, Kansas, who are both citizens of Mexico, were sentenced separately in federal court Friday.

Guzman was sentenced to 26 years and eight months in federal prison without parole. Nava was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison without parole. Gnat was sentenced to 11 years in federal prison without parole.

Guzman was the supplier for the drug-trafficking conspiracy, selling multiple kilograms of methamphetamine on a regular basis, sometimes daily, to multiple co-conspirators who then distributed methamphetamine to others. Guzman also involved others in storing methamphetamine. The jury found Nava assisted Guzman in his drug trafficking and money laundering activities.

Two other co-conspirators in the distribution ring have already been sentenced for their roles in the conspiracy and two others are awaiting sentencing, including 44-year-old Christopher Shawn Sharp of St. Joseph.