St. Joseph Man Sentenced to 11 Years in Federal Prison

KANSAS CITY, MO – A St. Joseph resident was sentenced to 11 years in federal prison for his role in a $2.1 million meth conspiracy.

32-year old John Paul Gnat pleaded guilty in June, 2020 to drug-trafficking and money-laundering conspiracies, admitting that he supplied methamphetamine to several individuals on a daily basis, sometimes pound quantities twice a day, for several months.

Gnat was arrested in 2018 at the home of his co-defendant, Juan Guzman. Authorities seized numerous weapons, ammunition and 688 grams of methamphetamine at the time of the arrest. Guzman received a 26-year sentence.

Another St. Joseph resident, 44-year old Christopher Shawn Sharp is awaiting sentencing in the same case.