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Stanberry Board Approves 2021-22 Salary Schedule

Stanberry School Superintendent Bob Heddinger gave some of the information discussed with Stanberry’s Salary and Benefit Advisory Council during their board meeting held on Monday night. The superintendent told the council that he plans to prepare a budget that would increase the base salary by $200 and allow vertical and horizontal steps on the salary schedule. That would amount to an approximate 2 percent increase in salaries. Health insurance for the district will increase by a projected 3.1 percent and would mean an extra 18 dollars per employee per month for the school to cover. The council also talked about offering a short term disability plan for all employees that would be paid by the district. There will be more research on that topic. Later in the meeting, Stanberry’s board approved the salary schedule for the 2021-22 school year.

The superintendent also shared a construction timeline for major phases of building plans to be completed by the summer of 2022. The current Building and Grounds Committee will how become a Campaign Committee with a task to present information to the public after financing proposals for building plans.

Stanberry’s board offered contracts to all probationary teachers and part-time staff for the upcoming school year. The board also hired Mackinzie Wieners to a 1st grade position, Veronica Giedd for 3rd grade, Liz Simbro for 6th grade, and Abbey Rankin for Gifted and Elementary Technology. Jenny Smith was hired as a High School Custodian. The board accepted a resignation from Tana Goodyear that will become effective at the end of the year.

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