Stanberry Board Tables School Calendar Reading Until Review Of Graduation Date Survey

Stanberry School Board members tabled the final reading for the school district’s 2024-25 school calendar to allow the district a chance to discuss any changes which may be made to the school calendar. The decision was part of a school board meeting Monday night. The Stanberry School District still has a window open for the Stanberry community to provide feedback about the graduation date for the 2024-25 school year. The results of that survey will be shared at the next school board meeting. The district is wanting feedback about whether the graduation date should be moved off a Sunday date.

Stanberry Superintendent Dr. John Davison reviewed the district’s mid-year budget. Due to the district’s growth, Stanberry’s district is no longer eligible for the Small Schools Grant. The district’s Pre-K through 12th grade enrollment is now at 425 students. The threshold for the grant is 350 students. The district is not expecting to receiving the Small Schools Grant in the near future.

Board members also reviewed the Annual Performance Report for 2023. Stanberry’s district received an overall percentage of 82 percent.

Stanberry’s district continues to search for a 5th through 12th grade music teacher. The position is listed as full time with 2 or 3 academic classes to be taught by the candidate.

3 have filed for new positions on Stanberry’s School Board. Those who will be on the ballot include Keith McQuinn, Holly Luke, and Brianna Bottorff.